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7848 Burden Road
Machesney Park, IL 61115

Wherever possible, RG Mfg uses biodegradable, environmentally friendly coolant and lubricants provided by Chem Tool.


RG Mfg and Machining is a World Class Precision Machine Shop. We specialize in close tolerance turning and milling of small to medium size parts in a wide variety of materials and also use a variety of highly skilled venders for Heat Treating, Hobbing, Welding, And OD/ID/JIG grinding.

MachineHPToolsThruDiaLengthRPMRapid RPM
Ganesh Cyclone 32-CS 7-Axis Mill/Turn1027.5" - 1.375"1.375"6"60001181
Attachments: 12'EDGE Patriot bar loader
1000 PSI High Pressure Coolant System

MachineHPToolsThruDiaLengthRPMRapid IPMCut IPM
Lynx 220Lm15/412/61.875"6"10"4500945630

Attachments: 6ft Bar Feed

MachineHPToolsThruDiaLengthRPMRapid IPMCut IPM
Puma 24020122.5"11"20"4500945630

MachineHPToolsThruDiaLengthRPMRapid IPMCut IPM
Lynx 210L15122.5"11"20"4500945630

MachineHPToolsThruDiaLengthRPMRapid IPMCut IPM
Excel PMC5T1851812"20"20"8000945630

Attachments: 5C Indexer


Southwestem TRL 1630SX7.52.12"8"30"150-2500

Clausing 13" Lathe51 5/8"8 1/4"8 1/4"1710
Bridgeport w/ Prototrack16"9"18.5"Prototrack EMX (2)
Prototrack Edge (1)

MachineRound Work (Dia)Rectangular Work (HxW)Min. Work LengthMin Work Width
Amada H250 Cutting Saw9.8"18"9.8" x 11.8"2"


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